Galvelpor, equipments for pig breeding

Galvelpor company was created in Landerneau more than 50 years ago in the very heart of Britanny, well known region for pig breeding in France.

The plant is set over 16.000 m2, 12.000 m2 for storage and 4.000 m2 for production and offices. From a small sized company, Galvelpor has been expanding througout the years until the 80s when 320 people used to work for the company.

Galvelpor is the last French manufacturer. Always eager to keep in pace with pig breeders, Galvelpor is a leading company in innovation and performance. Many cattlebreeders already enjoyed Galvelpor know how and expertise through their patented products.

Galvelpor company has been steadily expanding in France, in Europe and worldwide. Thousands of pigs have already been fitted with Galvelpor equipments.