Bayle-Industries, equipments for goat and sheep breeding

Bayle-Industries is a family company which has been dealing with the designing, manufacturing and selling of equipments for sheep and goat breeding for 3 generations.

Thanks to more than 40 years expertise in that field, Bayle-Industries company is now ranking among the first European manufacturers.

Set in Rodez, Aveyron - France, in the centre of the area dedicated to ovine milk production, especially the famous "Roquefort" blue cheese, Bayle-Industries company has paid a significant part in the evolution of breeding techniques for goats and sheeps. With many patented materials, Bayle-Industries company is well known for his know how and expertise worldwide.

Bayle-Industries latest production tools like metal laser cutting, digitized folding and welding robot make it possible to ensure quality production meeting any cattle breeder's requirements. Bayle-Industries technician engineers provide a 24 hours a day 7 days a week service.

Selecting Bayle-Industries equipments will prove to be a reliable and safe purchase leading to long-lasting successful farming.